About Us


What is JustKosme ?

JustKosme is a social beauty platform specially made for Muslim beauty enthusiasts.

Our Goal

  • To help each other in making a beauty/makeup choices and to build a community among the Muslimah lady/makeup enthusiasts by exchanging reviews of a makeup/beauty products.
  • To create an all in one platform, where you can search, check ingredients, and reviews by other Muslims in just one page, without having to go through different types of social medias.
  • To show the Muslimah lady can have fun with makeup by sharing a makeup look.

What we want from you:

  • As for the kick-off, we want you guys to share about makeup, selfies and such and to make people understand our website’s concept when we launch the website.
  • Sharing will solely be done on our website (https://justkosme.com) for now.
  • You can post your makeup, selfies and reviews as much as you can.